How to Avoid Adwares & PUPs

Adwares & PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are because the first threat.
The goal is to make you install Adwares & Pups are earn money from advertising opens by thoses programs.

For example thoses « ads by » advertisings are added when you visit a webpage.
You computer became very slow.



To avoid Adwares & PUPs, you have to take more attention when you want to download a program.
becarefull at the ads in the website that offer to install this or this programs, most of the time they bundle adwares & PUPs.

For example, on download websites, ads use « download » button that can make confusion :

adwares_download_buttons adwares_download_buttons2an other way is to create download website with the name of famous programs, for example bellow VLC programs :


and finally a lot of unwanted programs are bundle :

on streaming video website..

another way on streaming website is to offer you Video codec or video software :

Adwares_fake_codec2or fake streaming video webpage :


Fake Update

Another way is fake Update for Browser or Java/Flash – example with this popup :

Adwares_Fake_Flashthen … a update Your Flash Player webpage :

Adwares_Fake_Flash2 or this Outaded Java Plugin webpage : Adwares_fake_javaAll theses are to trick user and make them open the installer…. and then to install adwares & PUPs.