How to Secure your computer

Here some advices to secure your computer.

Get an antivirus

You can get free antivirus :

Avast! :
Antivir :

We recommand Avast!

Install Windows Updates

Install Windows Updates to keep your computer secure :

Keep your softwares up to date

A way to infect computer is to exploit vulnerability.
You can get your computer infected by virus automatcly only by visiting website via web exploit.
To get protect against web exploit, you have to keep your softwares up to date especially Browser plugins like Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader etc.

Most of Antivirus warn you, when they detect outaded softwares, but you can also install free softwares to help you to keep your softwares up to date :

Secure your Browser

Some advices to get your Browser more secure.

First, it’s heavy recommand to disable Java for all your Browsers, here the way to do that :

Install Blockulicious : Blockulicious is a fresh extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that block malicious URLs :

For Advanced Users, you can also install Noscript :

For Privacy protection, you can install Ghostery :

you can also ask to website to not tracking you.

Becare ful when you install a software

Adwares became the first threat, Adwares open popups ads and slow computers.
Most of the Adwares Hijack Browser, it changes homepage and default search engine and others Browser Settings.
It can be a pain to remove it.
Adwares are bundle when you want to install softwares.

For example when you want to install Java, AskToolbar is bundle.

Java_updateSame when you want to install Flash, McAfee Security scan is bundle

Flash_McAfee_ScanDont forget to unchek or you will lose a lot of time to get your settings back.
There are more nasty way to get adwares installed, you can read this topic to have more informations and how to avoid them : How to Avoid Adwares & PUPs