FBI virus : Browlock Ransomware

The FBI Virus aka Browlock Ransomware is a Ransomware that block your Web Browlock.
The Ransomware try to trick users and impersonate the Law Authority, it accused you to store child pornography, and copyright violation and ask you to pay a Ransom.

The Ransomware claim that you have to pay a ransom via Moneypack to get your Web Browkock unblocked.

There is no virus installed in your computer, the ransomware is only a HTML webpages that block the Web Browser.



The Ransomware claim to encrypted all your documents files. Dont worry, this is not true.FBI_ATTENTION_Virus_popup

Most of the time, thoses Ransomware are active in adult website via malvertising.
Malvertising are malicious advertising, the goal is to redirect you to theses Ransomware when you visit websites.

How to get your Web Browser unblocked ?

To get your Web Browser unblocked : press CTRL + ALT + DEL bring up the Task Manager, and click the Process tab.
Look at your Web Browser processus :

  • Firefox => firefox.exe
  • Google Chrome => chrome.exe
  • Internet Explorer => iexplore.exe

Select it and click on End Task button, that will closed your Web Browser.
Re-open it and don’t restore the session.


How to get protect from Browlock Ransomware ?

Install Adblock extension to filter advertising :